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Revival Coffee Co.'s French Roast: A popular choice for lovers of full-bodied and strong brews.

Taste profile: Mild acidity and deep flavor with delicious fruity notes.

Coffee origin: The beans used are grown at high elevation levels in South America, resulting in a more complex flavor.

Roast level: Dark Roast


Revival Coffee Co. Organic French Roast - Whole Bean

12 Ounces
  • French roast coffee is one of many coffees named for a regional roasting style. A longer, hotter roast results in the signature taste & rich coffee character unique to French roast. Compared to lighter roasts, it is far less acidic and very roasted in flavor. The select beans used are packed with flavor, allowing them to retain their taste and qualities through the roasting process. Our French Roast does not have the charred taste often associated with darker roasts. If you enjoy a deep, intense coffee experience then French Roast is for you.

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